Joyner Lucas ft. Timbaland - 10 Bands (ADHD)


Joyner Lucas ft. Timbaland - 10 Bands (ADHD) Смотреть онлайн
Strawhat Pervy
Anyone else notice Joyner Lucas didn't have any scenes with women? Respect.
He’s actually smart for dropping each song slowly instead of the full album all together

Knowing that a lot of people skim through albums sometimes when it comes out and he’s tryna just get each song recognized
Alvin House
“Someone said Love is a drug.... I don’t ever wanna take drugs again!.”

The Breakup. Been there before
Nick Basra
Ummm Joyner on a track produced by Timbaland?! How?! I already know I'm gonna love this
Randy Reyes
One night stand with Madonna ? Careful what you wish for. You literally might just get that from her.
Jay E-z
Damn dude Im 29 and I havent heard the name Timbaland since like.
High school.
Song randomly comes on.
Me: Why this beat so hard!?
Prod. By Timberland 👀
Me: 😳🤦‍♂️
Am I the only one who's thought that the different types of music he's had on his album so far could be to show how when you got ADHD you can't concentrate on one thing?
nikos spi
okay now
how many of those rappers has put his son in a music video?
Joyner is the GOAT man
Who else want joyner to collaborate with more artists 🤷‍♂️
New Culture
Tory Lanez made an appearance on the video 😂
Reo Games
your son is so cute i saw that clip on insta when u released isis where he said he wouldn't let anyone hurt you
Wilfredo Huete
Real question is which color looked better on Joyner?
Nickie Shadez
Joyner Joyner Joyner Joyner Joyner 😂😂...did you just say you got a crib in wakanda....
Alex Dima
- Hi, this the Fire Department ?
- Yes. Joyner at it again ?
- Yeah but he brought Timba with him !
- Nothing we can do bout it, let that b*tch burn
The real question is...

who are the girls
Kiki Hayes
Omg this is crazy my little man Greg is finally famous, I use to go high school with him his legs stop growing but that didn't stop his spirit he LOVE to dance GO GREGGY!!! 😂😍
Vinn Entertainment
Who else liked before even watching 😅

Jamal Akhmetov
Joyner, How many colors u want to be used in your video?

asen gegov
If you hear it more than 3 times you can't stop playing that shit .
Beat gets crazy on the second hook