Ryan Hurd - To a T (Stripped)

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Vannah McKinney
i’ve loved this song from the second you teased it on your instagram story. acoustic versions will forever be my favorite. this video is so great and so is this version of the song and the song in general. you keep outdoing yourself and i’m grateful to have been here since 2017.
Wolf Rage
Keep up the good work!!
Eric Boden
This is a great version of the song. Great wedding song too.
Love this! Great job on the video as well
You are the best and put on some of the best most engaging concerts/shows I've ever been to...and I've been going to concerts/shows for over 15 years
Bryson Wood
Amazing song, cant wait for another!
Nicole Maynes
Beautiful 😍
Samantha Monroe
I looovvee this version