Midland - Playboys (Audio)

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Music video by Midland performing Playboys (Audio). © 2019 Big Machine Label Group, LLC

Midland - Playboys (Audio) Смотреть онлайн
Noah Hester
You have no idea how pumped I am for this next album!
Young II
Anyone else stop what they were doing to listen to this new Midland song?
I have a feeling that Waylon would love this one. I know I sure do.
Michiru Yami
Every single track is a hit! 10/10 all the way.
Kurt Strickland
Midland thank yall for making genuine country music!!!!
Luke Whiten
L o v e it! Keep it coming boys you're the best thing in country right now
James Stevenson
Blows my mind how they keep releasing such amazing songs! Cannot wait for this album!!!
Andrew Castellano
Love the sound, always such a great rhythm
Andrew Castellano
Got to hear them play this song at a concert the other day, instant hit.
Ryan A. Pyatt
midland will never release anything less than perfection 🙏
Lackey Shackleford
There is no such thing as a sophomore slump when it comes to Midland.
Zane Goldfish
Heard them play this at Billy Bob’s a few weeks back and I’ve been hooked on it ever since
Rob Gurden
We've seen them twice in the last four months and VIP at Tuolumne, CA. They are a professional band with a unique sound which is refreshing. Keep it up Midland!
20 seconds in and I already love it🤩
Josh VanTubergen
This is my new favorite Midland song. Love the phaser on the guitar! Sounds like Waylon's.
Matt Price
It’s about time, I been here waiting 😏
Callum Ray

God I love Midland 😂
Alex Segura
Love it, Its got that smooth Texas country sound.
Bailey Poulsen
Seems like I can relate to these guys song too much😂 really do like to hear good old country sounds, that’s for keeping it real
Elora Maxwell
Guess I need to go flying down the interstate with the windows down listening to this masterpiece.