Spirit (From Disney's "The Lion King")

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Spirit (From Disney's "The Lion King") · Beyoncé


℗ 2019 Walt Disney Records

Released on: 2019-07-10

Composer, Lyricist: Timothy McKenzie

Background Vocal, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Programmer, Producer: Labrinth

Background Vocal, Drums, Keyboards, Percussion, Programmer, Producer: ILYA

Composer, Lyricist: Ilya Salmanzadeh

Drums, Misc. Prod.: Derek Dixie

Percussion, Assistant Engineer: Jeremy Lertola

Piano: Jeff Lorber

Strings: David Fleming

Background Vocal: Jamal Moore

Background Vocal: Maurice Smith

Background Vocal: Jerome Wayne a/k/a J Rome

Background Vocal: Derrick Charles

Background Vocal: Donald Paige a/k/a DeP

Background Vocal: George Young

Background Vocal: Vernon Burris

Background Vocal: TJ Wilkins

Background Vocal: Andre Washington

Background Vocal: Mabvuto Carpenter

Background Vocal: Jason Morales

Background Vocal: Johnny Gilmore

Background Vocal: Stevie Notes

Background Vocal: Marcus Eldridge

Background Vocal: Edward Lawson

Background Vocal: Steve Epting

Mixing Engineer, Recording Engineer: Stuart White

Recording Engineer: Daniel Pampuri

Recording Engineer: Lester Mendoza

Assistant Engineer: Cory Bice

Assistant Engineer: Sam Holland

Assistant Engineer: Andrea Roberts

Assistant Engineer: Steven Xai

Mastering Engineer: Colin Leonard

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Maya Cassidy
Disney: We need this to be better than Coachella

Beyonce: hold my kids

I’m viral now‼️‼️mama I made it
Dee C.
Beyoncé’s voice has final reached it’s prime. Repeat x Infinity
Mafia Yonce2
Só tenho a agradecer por viver na mesma época que a Beyoncé!
Brooklyn Lopez
it's over for everyone...it's like everything Beyoncé does, she's snatches our wigs...and some of us don't even wear wigs and she still snatches them😂😂❤️❤️
Walsh Family
Beyonce's vocals cured my depression, boosted my grades, cleared my acne, and made the sun and the moon rise at the same time.

Like if you love Queen Bey♥️
abdi omar
The theater is gonna be filled with kids in their 30s.
Lady Trader
That's amazing! Can't wait to see the Lion King!
Beyonce did a good work!
Enternet Evolution
Beyoncé's low range is so powerful... almost as moving as "Listen"
Shane's World
Friend: Shane did you hear that new beyonce Disney song?
Me listening...
My spirit: lets have a trip to heaven
Jeferson Santos
When Bey sings with her black roots on full mode ON, we get this... Power.
Kami Jackson
Who's here before a million views??
Jackie Pearson
Queen BEYONCE doing her own thing once again.. and I'm loving it/her.
Autumn Lucas
OMG she's done it again. Beyonce drops nothing but beautiful, Angelic music that truly touches my heart.
Queen Bey has done it again with a wicked powerful performance!! I feel like I’m at church!!!
Gabriel Flores
Wow Beyoncé the best soundtrack to Lion King
Beyonce said " Good Luck trying to Cover this one YouTubers lol 😂
It's Eboni
It took Lion King to give us back SANGING Beyonce and I love it.
Pedro Henrique
Nossa Que Música Linda E Aconchegante Ameiiii i Love You Beyoncé 💓😍💓😍
Lani Good
lion king is the greatest movie of all time so beyonce had to be involved periiooodddd, im obsessed xx
My friend told me this song wasn’t good. I fucking smacked him in the head and told him that his ears can’t handle AMAZING music.