Sigala, HRVY, Nina Nesbitt - Somebody - Live Performance | Vevo

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randy sex
i can feel harvey proud of himself because his clothes matches with the shoes
Your music is amazing, you have really helped me when i first started producing! Thank you ❤
Lore Rondarelli
HRVY I love your voice🙈💕 It's amazing in every way🤤💋
Hrvy Cantwell
This make me feel so much better, this gave this song a new position in my heart... A little like "i don't think about you" i like this slow version ❤️❤️
RANAD Quriesh
You two both are amazing so proud of hrvy ♥️♥️
Juliana Masanque
Kaynaat Rashid
hrvy and nina nesbitt voice go so well together 👌
ellie mccracken
those high notes at 2:41 are insane
JiEun Choi
I just wow,, this version is so so so good good. I think I will reminds this song every nights before I sleep
Ana B.N
Beautiful voices, beautiful song... Love this acoustic version💙
Lucy Locket
this is my new favourite thing🥺
Kiara Foster
big house in LA😮. Loren lives in LA. Omg! I love larvey and this song reminds me of them🤧♥️
Florence Kitomari
i’m crying, the HARMONIES
Izumi and Megumi
I remember when he performed this song live when he was here in the Philippines ❤
ellie mccracken
nina is insane and so is harvey. such a good collab man
Arnika vsm
Damn look at him fr tho he looks so freaking good holy shit
Florence Kitomari
harvey, you sound amazing and i love you so much. i’m so proud of you ❤️
Lori Dole
This song is beautiful ❤️❤️ I love the lyrics
Antonia Seiliuc
My life😭💕💕
Hrvy, love you💕🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴
Roru Rab Alkhuzaie
thats my first time to love an english song beacuse yu thanks