Jasta - Chasing Demons Ft. Howard Jones (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO)

Directed by Paul McGuire of Obscenery Films www.obsceneryfilms.com

For more JASTA info and tour dates, visit www.facebook.com/JASTAHQ and www.jameyjasta.com

Special Thanks To Zoey Docherty.

Jasta - Chasing Demons Ft. Howard Jones (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Смотреть онлайн
Derk Ender
Howard's voice is always fantastic
Tяoy Allen
Anything Howard Jones does is Great
Corliss Merrill
Howard brought me here!!!
Theodore Dieterman
Howard's cleans are the best!
Por el Poder de Horus
I instantly clicked on this video when I read ft. Howard Jones! Love always! Liked the band btw!
the truth
Howard has one of the best voices
I’d love an entire side project with Jasta and Howard
Jeremy Horror
I came here cuz of Jamie and Howard they're both great and they sound great together
Who agrees these two need to do more tracks together?!
Michael Ashby
This song is ridiculously good, I mean damn Howard just kills it!!
Can we get a Killswitch Engage featuring Howard Jones song? Oh, I meant to say "album"? Haha
Jamey and Howard is a winning combination for both music and podcasts
Michel Oliveira Official
Howard the best!!!!!!
J Mendez
I can't get enough of Howard's melodies🎤
Howard is a beast......
Dark Jedi
Howard Jones!!! \m/
Youuuu wooon't fiiiind meeee, chasing demonnnns!!!! \m/
Bryce Stluka
Jamey Jasta + Howard Jones = PERFECTION 🤘
HOWARD!!!!! Gave me chills when he started singing! So good to hear the old Howard.I was just sick when he left KSE.Didn't get into much of Devil You Know. NOW...Light The Torch is more reminiscent,to me,of the old Howard.I'm LOVING catching glimpses of him being featured in other groups.
Kakihara Tempura
Howard is awesome !!!!! BOSS VOICE