Director - Paul McGuire, Obscenery Films

JASTA states: "I’m really excited to launch the video for the JASTA track, 'The Same Flame,' directed by my friend Paul McGuire. Those who listen to my Podcast know I've been talking about doing a project completely DIY style with JASTA for months and this video, along with two others, are the outcome of that. In addition to a nine song album that was partially fan funded! Not only did I get to work on every aspect of the recording, packaging and producing the album, but I got to help direct and scout locations. Now we have a cool visual to go along with one of my favorite songs off the JASTA album.

"Since I released the album in the spring, JASTA had a successful tour with Anthrax and Killswitch Engage. After that I got busy touring on Warped with Hatebreed, but I was able to shoot 3 JASTA videos in 3 days on a short break. Now I get to hit the road with JASTA in Europe for a short tour and then I'll be back doing a home-state show Oct. 7th with JASTA before Hatebreed hits the road again."

For more JASTA info and tour dates, visit www.facebook.com/JASTAHQ and www.jameyjasta.com

JASTA Direct Album Purchase Link - www.martyrstore.net

JASTA - The Same Flame (OFFICIAL MUSIC VIDEO) Смотреть онлайн
Brent Sailings
You've inspired many and helped many through trials in life with your encouraging music and lyrics to never give up and fight harder everyday ,,, For the last fifteen years when times got tough ,, this shit helped me break through ,,
thank you !
Drake Parker
If I was a WWE superstar, this would've been my theme song! \m/
Jamey is the definition of a workaholic xD i like it :-)
Gemini Skies
Jasta, you are a work horse. Huge fan of all your work from Icepick, Kingdom of Sorrow, Hatebreed and of course your solo work. Keep it up!
Everything Jasta touches turns into gold :)
Prophecy Fullfilled
Jasta is king of hardcore 👑
Jasta would be holding a torch during the solar eclipse
xplorsolby takechances
One of my favorites!😻🤘🎶
I’ve been burnt and rebirth has occurred.
Time to get too it.
Ernest Dunn
GOD DAMN I love you Jasta please come to Bristol Virginia!!!
Aaron Davis
Jamie is a lyrical genius
frank unodostres
the intro sounds like sunshine of your love xD
knicker bocker
Обожаю его! Hellyeah motherfucker! 😇
Don't get burned by the same Flame ! 👍🤘
Jose Espinal
fucking awesome one of my favorites singers
mad X dog
Youre the prophet of hardcore..in hatebreed u help me alot to walkthrough my last exams especialy with destroy everything, n now u just make me more confident to beat the world.. hail to the prophet!!
Karin Siemers
Hells yes!!!!! 🤘🤘🤘💀💀🖤🖤
Amazing song how has it got under 80k views lol
Intoxic8d aka Lil Chuckie
Thats Mighty Tone !!!