Dierks Bentley - Burning Man (Live From The Today Show)

Xxbella_ WolfiegachaxX
This is awesome! Yes I have seen the music video. I JUST LOVE YOUR MUSIC SO MUCH :D
It's Just Me
Dierks Bentley was who I went to see at my first concert now his songs are stuck in my head forever
Lori Gribben
Wow, 😳 looks like ya did a whole concert ! Great work 💘. It's all good 👍😘
Debbie Smitherman
Hey, Dierks! Love you and your music. I was over the moon with excitement when I got to see you. It was a blast. Your concerts are full of energy. I hope to see you again soon. Your music is awesome. All you do is amazing and can never do wrong by a song. I'm a fan for ever. Burning Man is a very good song. Who couldn't love it? Your fans love you. This fan here does. 😊😀👍👍
Hannah Day
I have never been to one of his concerts but I want to. I love his songs.
Miyuki Oficial
Nice video🎶👍 !❤have a good week. 😘🙏🍀
i was there it is really cool
Natalia Stornello
One of my favorite Dierks songs!
Ines Barros
Rodrigo Ferreira
Boa música cara, sou seu fã...... oh , very good. BRAZIL!!
Brookelynn Winship
I love this song
paulo silva
sao muito bons, curtindo aqui no Brasil
El Banquete
Que buena canción, one of my favorites songs
Florence Gitau
Wooooooooow nice song. Love it
Eva Golldwing
Andy D