Dierks Bentley - Woman, Amen (Live From The Today Show)

Ronny Landgren
Thax Direk for your lovely video and song ;)
Debbie Smitherman
Dierks , you're an amazing singer. I'm so proud to be your fan. I got to see you not long ago and it was a night of fun and excitement. I hope to see you perform again. Love this song. Love you! God Bless you and your family.😊😀😁♡♥♡
Natalia Stornello
He’s so amazing!! I love all his music
Mike Phillips
You and Gorge Straight arm my all time favorite love you guys
Andy D
Just awesomeness....🤠✌️🙌....❤️from 🇬🇧
Lori Gribben
Thank you Dierks, happy summer to ya ❤😎
kyle sessing
Dierks...You are an Amazing Singer and story teller through songs! Would love to sing with you ;).
To my mama... Love ya
Rodrigo Ferreira
Great...... melhor música.... BRAZIL
Andrea Scholl
My favorite!!!
Tina Beck
good song thanks for sharein
Margo Doty
So gosh darn handsome
Eva Golldwing