If You Pray Right - BROCKHAMPTON

Dir. Spencer Ford

DP: Adrian Nieto

Prod: Jack Fahey

Production Design: Wyatt Webb & Nick Lenzini

Wardrobe: Nick Lenzini & Weston Freas

First AC: Jake Wolfert

Grip: Jakob Longcob & Spencer Middleton

Steadycam: Thomas Taugher

Editor: Spencer Ford

Color: Henock Sileshi

Thank you to our cast & crew!

'Hood Still Love Me'

Dir. Kevin Abstract

DP: Ashlan Grey

Edit & Color: Henock Sileshi

If You Pray Right - BROCKHAMPTON Смотреть онлайн
myles 4800
and Matt’s been going off but this boy needs to POP off instead of a couple bars
John doe
Also, Merlyn kinda looks like a black Japanese video game character.
jaemin and jeno own my whole heart
merlyn slaps very hard on this one, LOVING IT SO MUCH TBH.

At first I wasn't that sure of liking entirely the song but it has grown on me.
I would like to thank not only brock but hampton
Peachy Hoseok
When Kevin said 🏃🏾‍♂️ I felt that
joba look like the dude from arcade fire
Merlyn and his red nails tho. AN ICON!!
Der Fuchs
If you pray right.... Joba will come to your house and spank you 😩
J Dominoes
Ugh this was so reminiscent of STAR the ending and everything. Really brings me back
Rogen Abdalla
dom is the most underrated and he’s got the cleanest raps ever. change my mind, you won’t
European Citizens The Eighth
Wow, they must've prayed right to get the Avatar movie cast in the video.
Damn Joba did not blink once that whole verse
Kane K
Merlyn is really starting to become the member who's verses I look forward to the most. Dude is always on fire, I love his energy
whenever BROCKHAMPTON uses brass instruments, the song goes HARD
have a nice day, buddy
why is nobody talking about three six mafia's 'break da law' sample? that was so sick!!!
This is such a strong performance by Merlin. He’s not just shouting 👍🏼 I love normal Merlin but it was nice to hear a good verse from him he’s really evolving
Oh Yëah Yéah
Is Joba getting prepared for Australia with that haircut? Cunt looks like he's done 4 grams of shard and is ready to shank anyone 😂
when ciaran said “😐” i instantly started to cry
Nicholas Williams
My theory
The are past saturation and they are no longer apart of the blue faced people running around and they are aware of how much of a impact Ameer had leaving and the suits signify the future and that they are ready for it
Malikah Corrodus
Shout out to the guy at the front of the marching band with no instrument living his best life <3
Aidan McKeachie
The ending in the YouTube video is different than the song on Apple Music/ Spotify