Kat Dahlia - Mojada

Kat Dahlia releases "Mojada" her second offering from her latest project

Kat Dahlia - Mojada Смотреть онлайн
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Mari Rubi
Love your Spanglish songs! They're so good 😩
Majed Abucoole
Love seeing you dropping songs consistently, keep going ❤❤❤
Billo Freedom
Wooooow great voice . ND I really like you Kat dahlia 😍😍😘
Goddess Queen 💘👑 She is SO underrated/underappreciated and it fucking sucks because Kat is such a great artist with such a special, beautiful, raw voice and personality 💘
Sushovan Choudhury
O Lady, you make me fall deeper and deeper every time you drop a song.
With 💖
From India.
Lore Chul
im currently obsessed with this song its so good 😭♡
Me gusta, pero nesecito algún gruñido o cambio de voz bien raspoza de las que te salían tan bien.
Una canción suave con melodía repetitiva y con una chica cantando finito lo vemos demasiado y por todos lados.
Anímate y explota todas tus tonalidades para hacerte única.

(Lo nuestro ya es serio, me llegó la notificación de la nueva canción y pegue un inesperado gririto de emoción. Tenes mucho para dar)
jinx S
Holaaa, Qué linda voz tienes y más si cantas en español ...! 🍀🤗👍🏻💞 Saludos desde México 🇲🇽😊
Maria Temkin
It's sad, her real voice it's better. Not this "little" voice. But i like her anyway, just industry ...
Randi Rismayandika
Like you kat:** im from indonesia
K.H.O. BAss
U always the Awesome voice kat 💚 .
Mussie Woldegiorgis
You are an angle from the heaven of music.
She is back❤️
Hernán Alegre
I'm glad you're back Kat. You are so beautiful and talented. Greetings from Argentina.
Paul Singer
Love from philly ,,,
Just Woke up to cafe Cubano
Insula PR
A couple of featuring with latin artists and you are in the game.
You will be bigger than you are right now. Exito flaca!
Alex Guajardo Vera
Who loves her since Kat Hue? 🤩
Alex Maleno
KAT I love it!! So fire 😍🔥🔥🔥
ابو فلاح
I'm from Sudan .. I love you Kat ❤