Nef The Pharaoh - Beat That Vest Up (Official Video) ft. Shootergang Kony

Listen to the single "Beat That Vest Up". Out now!

Official Music Video by Nef The Pharaoh performing Beat That Vest Up (feat. Shootergang Kony) 2019 KILFMB / Sick Wid It / EMPIRE

Nef The Pharaoh - Beat That Vest Up (Official Video) ft. Shootergang Kony Смотреть онлайн
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King West
@2:01 thats the next meme 😂😂😂
Tali Freeman
"Catch me pissin on my hands cus i did him dirty" 🔥😈🤐 only da real can relate 🤐💯
Aryan Singh
Tapped in since neffy was living in natomas🤝💯
The furly Up there gettin jiggy with the Angels 2thizz 🚬💊🌉💰🔥🛁🚁📲📟
Fu** that syrup tho wtf
Kalake Fonua
Catch him pickin up some weed, he gon be pickin up for me. Gimmie that!!
Hydra Ultra
Neffy gonna have this banger slapping for a While Milli not prob😈
ElGuapo Bandido
Catch me pissin on my hands cuz I did him hella dirty 💨
Andrew Perez
They needa drop a tape
Stephen Wells
Where the Cali fam at before 1mil
James Arnold
Yay-Area 2k20.
Keiyari Allen
They went silly with this one💯.
A-llian Of Mars
Fire man u all gona be great 🔥🔥🔥🔥💯💯💯
40 just put me on! All love
Suga free should get on this beat
Tyri Kayshawn
Greatness Made Simple✨
Macniffuco MacMusic
That's a lil Mac Dre ....Neff be going in
#### boss123
Straight fire all the time am I capping ?
Hit the like button before I even herd the song,This youngsta is solid.
Whos here before 100k?