The 1975: I Like America & America Likes Me

Late Late Show music guest The 1975 performs "I Like America & America Likes Me" for the Stage 56 audience.

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The 1975: I Like America & America Likes Me Смотреть онлайн
Olivia Ockerman
I hope people realise matty can really sing and this is the only song with autotune 😂
eskay //
carpool karaoke with the 1975 please!
no one:
Matty: lists things on his fingers that aren't part of a list
Pamela Govender
I really hope locals don't think that they use autotune for everything 😂❤️
imagine being in the audience and watching matty scream into a camera.
Wonder what the middle aged women thought of this one
Alvaro Rodríguez
I don´t know why people think of autotune as a "mask" for bad singing instead of the great artistic tool it can be. I love how people like Bon Iver, Frank Ocean, Kanye West and now the 1975 are using it. Actually, I love that about this new-ish record. They´re awesome.
jesslyn :/
i actually love the use of auto tune in this song. i think it really highlights the “fake-ness” of so many things america is associated with and how all the news in america seems to be portrayed through an filtered lens
carla -
no one:
matty: *screams*
literally no one:
matty: skrrrt *woahs*
Infinity Myer
Matty went off jesus hahaha
Charlotte Wallis
Alaska St. Clair
Kadie Raine
matty hitting the woah is my favorite thing
SevenEleven Ellen
How this exorbitant autotune can sound so emotionally human? It's like a robot has feelings.
Veronica Renn
Red Converse with that blue jumpsuit is a look. 👀
Mark Calloway
I love the fact the do a different song nearly every time they do an appearance on a show or live radio etc, unlike some bands who just use 1 of 2 songs from there latest album
Gabby L
The 1975 is the definition of deep lyrics to a dancy beat
Implaintrash Ø
seeing this song in person was honestly one of the most intense and emotion experiences of my life and it just isnt the same not in person at a concert. just the pure passion in the audience and in him was powerful
Eric Wuebbels
The best part is when he steps down from the drum, grunts, and it triggers the auto tune 2:55
Sophie Pearson
How much autotune do you want?

Matty: screams y e s please listen