Tiggi Hawke - NYC

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Tiggi Hawke - NYC

With silky vocals, dreamy pads and an instrumental backdrop as beautiful as The Big Apple’s skyline, Tiggi Hawke puts her name even firmer on the dance music map. A song of remembering good times and wondering what could have been, ‘NYC’ is one of those records you can’t help but fall in love with.

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universe gossips
This is Going to Armin's Playlist..for next Music Event ❤️🗽
Illumi Music
Love the artwork on this one! 😍
I’m feeling the lyrics. Just went through a break up
Alexander Liu
Glad to see Tiggi back here, lovely tune ❤️❤️🗽🗽
Lynette Goulding Stewart
Tiggi has a good voice. Change NYC to any city or town remembering good times
Bijit Das
yay nice one nyc , feeling great to comment
Christian Ozorio
So Chill ❤️🎶
dore 420
Hey this is pretty good
Jesús Manuel Legal
Beautiful !!!
Ein Gravierend
7th Comment:)
Awesome 👏
Yathish Devadiga
Nice work
Angélica Araújo
Nokit lam