Pablo Nouvelle - Curiosity

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Pablo Nouvelle - Curiosity

Drawing listeners in with its calm approach and cinematic soundscape before letting the experimental beats out of their cage, Pablo Nouvelle’s new instrumental appeals to every music lover’s fondness of discovery. Making fans leave their comfort zone in favor of something out of the box and standout, ‘Curiosity’ is the precursor of inventiveness and innovation, as displayed in this exemplary single.

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Sugar Bae
Just love the vibe it carries!
Thao Huyen Nguyen
Fabio is really one of the most talented artist Armada ever signed. He truly is a musical and film maker genius
Alexander Liu
Just perfect for chilling!
Wyatt Brick
I'm 5 seconds into this song and it's already awesome!
Here before the 1M views
Marianna Egeresi
Carmen Regalado Sanchez
Illumi Music
So chill ❤️😌
Edward Spears
Da miedo