Elohim - braindead (Official Music Video)

Director: Chase O'Black

Production Company: Freenjoy

Animation: Ingenuity Studios



Elohim - braindead (Official Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
Princess Sin
been here since hallucinating!! I love youuu 😍😍😍😍😍
Kelly Corner
I love this song and now the video adds to its amazing-ness
Princess Sin
0:37-0:49 Rue in Euphoria be like

edit: actually this whole song tbh-
angel manibusan
Awesome music video from an emotional artist (going through things are tough)
Mystery Raven
I love this. Every vibe from her is BEAUTIFUL
This song really hits home. Thank you for making real music and putting yourself out there. Keep it up!
h o t l i n e s i a .
Been here since my mom gave birth to me.

Anyway, incredible job sis!!! U SNAPPED THE WHOLE MUSIC INDUSTRY 🔥
Qiáo bù
Did marshmello give u that pill haha and does it taste like marshmallows haha this is amazing wow the bandage face hey the ice pill cone 😭😭🖤💚💜😍😄😁🧠💀 the best video ever
This is such an anthem. It will never get old ❤️
RenderingLegen d
This one slaps. Love it, good stuff.
II Killmonger II
She really can’t make a bad song
Lautaro Quiroga
Just... wow. This might be my favorite video and your best so far. It was incredibly amazing.
Riki Yamada
Noice!!! The going-through-the-eyeball effect reminded me of requiem for a dream
Aleks R.
Wow, I love this video, it's like a visual treat to watch this! ❤️
Ugly Bei
Your voice is so amazing and none of your songs are bad all of them are so awesome you’re such an underrated artist I know one day you’ll make it luv
Queenie Kittie
Nothing but mad love my Queen😻 Another pawsome video💯
favoritos Perez
Elohim. Amo tu musica eres creativa muy linda voz ❤️🛡️🙋
BEAUTIFUL!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH! You've helped me so much! You are one of the reasons I'm breathing .
Heather McArthur
Absolutely incredible! I got goosebumps while watching. Thank you again for continuing to keep mental health at the forefront of your message/music. 🖤🖤🖤🤟🏼🤟🏼🤟🏼