Madeline Merlo - Dear Me

“Dear Me” by Madeline Merlo now available.


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Written by Madeline Merlo, Maddie Larkin, David Fanning, Abram Dean



Don’t forget you’ve got your mothers eyes

They give all of your emotions away

Don’t forget to not apologize, when it ain’t your fault anyway


And a little self-sabotage 

Is natural in every way 

But don’t forget that you’re a total babe, and everything is gonna be okay




Dear me

When you’re down you stand up taller

Don’t forget to drink your water 

You’re smart as hell, you’re your father’s daughter

Oh, don’t you forget it

Dear me

We both know that you’re not flawless 

That don’t mean you ain’t a goddess 

If you still don’t believe you better re read


Dear me 

Don’t compare yourself to nobody else

The mirror’s not your enemy 

You can make anything happen for yourself, with a little positivity 


Dear me

Stop wasting so much energy, living in doubt, worrying about anxiety

How you’re gonna fit in those jeans, if you wanna fit into society 




Dear me 

Keep your money right

Your friends tight 

Keep your head high

Be who you wanna be

Don’t forget to breathe




Dear me

Dear me

Dear me


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Can we somehow make me your clone, or something, Madeline? Lol, God I’d do just about anything to have all of your amazing and talented qualities.. Love the song and video btw, keep them coming please!!! Cause listening to music is all I’ve got lol 💗💗💗
andrew wendell
Awesome job Alice. Congratulations Kurt Comer your daughter did an awesome job in the video 🤘!
Scott Kash
Such an inspirational song! Really comes to life in this video with you and your younger self! Great work Madeline!
brandan heldrick
Omg so
In love with this video and song❤️❤️❤️
Your so talented and beautiful I hope some day I can me you and just have a coffee and talk about music and life.
Jackie P
Loving this song! My girls are obsessed with it too ☺️ keep raising that ceiling!! ♥️✌🏻 (Ps. Go Alice!!)
Ryan and Sheila
The song, the video, the message..... absolutely incredible!
Ray Baterina
Another good one! 👌 A very cute mini-you in the vid, too! 👍
Kronny 19
Wow awesome amazing, very talented
Heloïse Mariëtte
Thank you very much for this song,it means a lot🙂 Begining of the year I started my diary with "Dear Me" as an intro. It feels so good to tell myself how the day was & always cheering me. By telling myself to not be so hard on myself. Never sell myself short(I'm always my BIGGEST CRITIC). Just because I think differently from the rest of the world,doesn't mean I am not loved. Being unique is a beautiful thing & I love myself🙂🙂🙂
Once again, Thank you for the song & I love the song👐👐👏👏🤗👏👏🙂🙂🙂👏👏👏👏 A Job well done 😁💯💯💯💯💯
Laura & Titan
Uhhhhh 😱😱😱😫😫I love this song !!!!!! ♥️
Bailey McNeil
Loooove this!
Becky Higham
Wonderful song and music video the whee girl is so adorable :')
shoot lord
I like the video
Molly Bouchon
Savannah Grimm
Fucking FIRE ♥️