Sultan + Shepard - And If...

Armada Music
Sultan + Shepard - And If...

Another pair of shining examples of top-drawer dance music, Sultan + Shepard’s next two records on Armada Music ooze musical brilliance and everlasting catchiness. Adorned with their signature production touch, ‘And If…’ and ‘Lion’ mark a return to the progressive house roots of the Grammy-nominated duo. With deep, emotive pianos and driving bass lines these tracks present a deeper and darker side of their sound, making the dance floor a better place with every twist and turn they have to offer.

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Klaidelis klaidelis
Feels like Nora En Pure 😁Sounds great!
Harmonieux Et Effet ChriStophE
His Amazing ! :)
Klaudia Julia
...say yes 🎻🎹🎶🎧💚🎧🎶🎹🎻00:46 Amazing tune!
Anael Chuquimago Caballero
Stop disturbing Guajo crack >:v
FXF Gaming
Sultan mah bebas (only Indonesian understand)
Illumi Music
So calm ❤️
Trường Đăng
Kam Kam
Benjmin Peter