HARDY - "Where To Find Me" Live Performance | Vevo

HARDY – “Where To Find Me” (DSCVR)

Country songwriters often get the job done with a good deal of wit, and being a wiseacre can have its benefits too, especially when it comes to making music with a sense of humor. You can file HARDY under both of those designations. When our recent DSCVR artist came up with his Dixie anthem "Rednecker," the wordplay was flowin' strong. Michael Hardy studied songwriting in college, but often reminds interviewers that the essence of the craft can't really be taught. You either have it or you don't. He absolutely does, as "Signed, Sober You" and "Throwback" prove. On any given day, Nashville is buzzin' over some new up and comer. With the swamp rock attitude of "Rednecker" and "4x4," it's HARDY who's been gettin' a lot of the buzz lately. We recently invited him to our DSCVR program and his squad rolled through several of his catchiest tunes. Get ready for some Southern pride.

Executive Producer: Micah Bickham

Director: Kyle Goldberg

Producer: Emily Louick

Producer: Sacha Thompson

Producer: Contrast Films

Producer: Cole Brian

Director of Photography: Kyle Goldberg

Editor: Kevin Rose

Music & Talent: Gabriela Prisciandaro

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Matt Mohs Outdoors
Hardy definitely looked up to kid rock when he was younger.
Clinton Johnson
Saw you live in Arkansas. You killed it.
James Oxenburg
Hardy, Luke Combs, Riley Green, Brent Cobb! I’d make a hell of a promoter. Great Country Music!
Hell yeah man, glad to see your finally getting the recognition to deserve! Can’t wait to hear Hell Right tomorrow!
Corey Motionless
This was awesome dude. Love from VA.
Mason Whitehead
Dudes from my hometown. Like all of his songs
Joseph Giaimo
Ray03 !
Damn, I never heard this one and it’s good
Carrie Sweet
Awesome man keep it going #countrymusic
Darrell White
A true talent on many levels!
Tyler Fraser
DEFINITELY needs to sing a song with Morgan wallen!!!
Redbox Codes
Elizabeth mchone
Mood af 🙌🏻♥️
Trav J
Three thumbs up! Fosure!
Liam Morphis
601 represent🙌🏻
Jonathan Engström
Awesome! /Sweden
Matthew Robson
Fantastic songs. Addictive. You got crossover appeal brother. Like Shania Twain level. And you don't *need* to wear tight animal print to pull it off.
Christy Dillon
fuck yeah