Luke Combs - Even Though I'm Leaving

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Makenna Tackett
luke ur literally the only person i listen to!❤️❤️
michelle johnson
Whoever the 3 dislikes are apparently need new ears🤷🏼‍♀️ I just don’t know how anyone could give any of Luke’s music a thumbs down.
Kimberly Arbeau Patterson
This song has been such a comfort to me since losing my dad. Thank you for all you do in music❤️ Rest In Peace dad, May 1st 1958- August 14th 2019
tears of the spring
This guy kill me everytime when I listen to his music.
Carolina Hernandez
This came at the right time! ❤️ Your voice is so amazing ! I love your music!
Selena Jaramillo
Beautiful i lost my dad almost a year ago in october it will make a year and this touched my heart 💙
John 2890
Luke is amazing as always. just cutting onions here 😭🤷🏼‍♂️😅 #fanforever
Pokemonster Thomas
This is awesome. Good job Luke combs
Big Slick
Hell yeah! I love this song! Keep it up Luke. Can't wait for the album in November.
Kasey Guinn
This is by far my favorite song🖤🖤
Beau Guthery
Just what I needed tonight, keep up the amazing music man!
Graceson Lee
Your music makes my spirit happy 💙🙌💙 this song makes me miss my daddy even more, but my heart smiles thinking about those memories
Christopher M.
See you in Atlanta bud... great song.!!
TJ Leon
Proud of you Luke.
Keep on keeping on for country’s sake.
Madhav Poudel
Name: Luke Combs
Work: Composing Beautiful Music ♥️
RSM !!!
🙏🏻yes, not just your dad but your hole family❤️
Liked before it even started because I know it's gonna be a great one
Fredo ChickEone
Just when you think you’ve heard the best song here comes another one!
Aliese Magers
I love you so much💓 your music has helped me through so many troubles in my life💓 Thank you so much for sharing your amazing voice with the world!!!💙
Lisa Neal
Love your amazing voice and such a heartwarming song!!