Keith Urban - We Were (Acoustic)

Music video by Keith Urban performing We Were (Acoustic). © 2019 Hit Red Records, under exclusive license to UMG Recordings, Inc.

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Football Lover9
One of my favorite songs <3 love this version almost better than the original
Felicia Walker
Wow your amazing love this song but then again you could sing anything and I would listen to it.
Keith you have done it again, this is so beautiful, I love the song and I love the video!!
Meghan Castro
Only God knows how much I love you, this is beautiful!
Brandon Baril
🎶Friends say, “Oh well, let that ship sail”
“You gotta let go of her”
“Just wasn’t meant to be”
But somewhere down deep I still believe
That we were🎶

Reminds me of “That Could Still Be Us”
Beautiful song!
Frances Welch
I love the lyric Keith chooses to record is so good. Love his music and great talent . what a good guitar player he is as well.
anthony cassidy
Can't wait I'll be at college at that time but I'll still watch it the second it comes out
Anna Polishcuk
Youre my soul, my life, it's beautiful music❤️
Rachel Dickson
Hi Keith, Love this acoustic version and the graphics are so cool! I could tell you recorded this at The House of Blues Recording Studio just like the one shot video, from the background! That place looks very cool on the internet! Sending lots of love to you Nicole and the family from Melbourne, Australia
Lou Silver
This is amazing. The graphics are very good and I appreciate it had to be black and white for the special effects but I just wish Keith was in colour, as he is just so gorgeous!
Mimi D
💙 wow so beautiful!! I love you Mr. Keith Urban🔆
Daniel Johnson
Brett Wilbanks on the graphic design, great video.
Parker Jay
Like it was written just for him❤️
Carmencitha Kröhnert
that is so great, I love all your Songs
Frank Mahler
That`s the reason, why i love guitar playing :-) So good Music, Keith. Thanxx for that and many greets from Germany....
ytub yt
Keith Urban and John Mayer are at present the most talented and versatile musicians. The performance of “When summer comes around” featuring the duo will go down in history as one of the best live performances.
tim borthwick
Keith sound even amazing singing acoustic I love him he has amazing voice everything he does is beautiful. Barbara
Petra Beeke
❤Keith Urban ❤🎸🎤🎶🎵
Erika G
He’s just the best
Velina Welch
This acoustic version is so beautiful! Thanks for sharing & for all that you do for your fans! ❤