Cr3on & Marcus feat. Gwendolyne - Remember You (Cr3on Deepermix)

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When things started to go well for The Bearded Man (mainly from royalties and residuals from writing some pretty campy 70s disco tunes), he noticed that some of the relationships in his life started to change. People seemed to contact him a lot when they wanted something from him, and suddenly “friends” started appearing from everywhere. It wasn’t all roses, however, as the girl he was seeing at the time didn’t like that he was so focused on making a career for himself in disco music. Obviously The Bearded Man wanted them to stay together, but one day, she gave him an ultimatum: “You, or us.” You or us. Those words threw a wrench in our hero’s plans, and he knew he had to let her go. He couldn’t stop what he was doing, and obviously she would just never understand. Still, sometimes he thinks back on what could have been if they stayed together, but then he remembers y.o.u. “You, or us…"

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Cr3on & Marcus feat. Gwendolyne - Remember You (Cr3on Deepermix) Смотреть онлайн
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Reminds me of Kalkbrenner. Really good tune! :D
Iván Garrido
Shashank Rao
nice mix
dĄrk sØuL
longlive the king
how could i ever miss such a beautiful song
Peter Chiavaro
Absolutely fkn B R I L L I A N T !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
YuD Addicted Techno
Aluna Mir
primer comentario colombiaaaaa<<< jajaja xd
Andrew & Lucian
good vibes!
Daniel J.
kocham to to jest super dziekuje bardzo
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