TENDER - No Devotion (LANNDS Remix)

''We were so happy to get the opportunity to remix No Devotion.  Over the past 2 years we’ve developed a friendship with TENDER that is special to us. It was really exciting to do our take on their track. With the remix we were curious to hear what the song would sound like with more space, more moments of silence.  We knew we wanted to hear big 808 bass, with wet vocal samples, something like birds chirping in a cave.  Throughout the track we added synth horns to lift it up, get a triumphant end of the movie vibe.''  Rania and Brian - LANNDS
Elena Live
Please, never stop doing songs, you're such incredible artists ❤️
Miracle come true
Tender alw my vibe.. damn, i love tender..❤
Nur Zarifah Zahraa
This is so good! totally love it 💕
Saanil Kakati
Amazing work as always Tender! LANNDS, Thanks for blessing our ears with this remix!
meyra taha
Her haliyle muhteşem ♥️ muhteşemsiniz bebeklerim
I find myself listening to TENDER mostly lately. Love your music (:
Pure bliss. (。♡‿♡。)
That chanel with 50 subs that no 1 cares abt
uh finally some good music
Jonathan Enrique
Aunque también la versión original me encanta, pero esta remixada está fatal. La escucharé un millón de veces!
boviean 07
This is so good
Pencil Shavings
This is my drug.
Sarai Melendez
Top fav band 😩
any, maggot.
Val de Taekook
Dasire Dark
Мой Повелитель
Soo good
Heart eyes
Danielly Oliveira