Alan Silvestri - Whatever It Takes (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only)

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Music video by Alan Silvestri performing Whatever It Takes (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only). © 2019 Marvel Music, Inc.

Alan Silvestri - Whatever It Takes (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only) Смотреть онлайн
Nathan Thomas
Alan Silvestri really deserves an Oscar for the score in this movie
"I am inevitable."

"And man."

1:08 When Cap sees Peggy and has to leave her AGAIN😭
Potato Juice
"Hey, Mr. Stark, hey. Can you hear me? It's Peter."

"We won, Mr. Stark."

"We won Mr. Stark."

"You did it sir, you did it."

Goodbye Tony, the only, the best, the strongest Avenger. We love you 3000.
Taraneh Goudarzian
0:56 to 1:18 makes me tear up every single time , reminding me of all the sacrifices Steve had to make during his life... He really deserved the life that he finally got <3
Ian Hines

Rest in Peace Tony Stark 1970-2023 :(
Gold D Joker
"Howard, everything is gonna be alright....
Thank you, for everything you've done... For this country"

-Howard potts
thomas mcquade
consider the red in your ledger wiped clean Natasha thank you black widow.
Mdcc 137
1:01 that sound, just broke my soul
0:50 this is the same music from Captain America: The First Avenger when Cap crashes the Walküre into the ice and it sinks.
Kid’s not here and there’s nothing I wouldn’t do for him
Tony Stark having a 2nd chance with his father was beautiful. It was a struggle not trying to cry. Such a powerful score. Love you 3000

Howard, Everything's gonna be alright.
Thank you, for everything you've done........
meifung liew
"Mr.Stark,we won."
Hey It’s Logan
“We’re gonna be ok you can rest now” 🤧🥺😭😣😪
Mr. Light
I am Iron Man.
Ethan Lee
Brilliant music to mark the end of an era 😭
It was so sad when cap saw peggy but knew he couldn't talk to her and had to leave her 😢
mosho sihole
When cap sees peggy in the office💓
Flick or Treat Productions
Tony: "I just remember the saying my old man followed."
Howard: "Oh yeah. What's that?"
Tony: "No amount of money ever bought a second of time."
Howard: :) "Smart guy.”