Alan Silvestri - Five Seconds (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only)

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Music video by Alan Silvestri performing Five Seconds (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only). © 2019 Marvel Music, Inc.

Alan Silvestri - Five Seconds (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only) Смотреть онлайн
Zaidi Bin Ramli
I almost lost it when Cap didn't appear after 5 seconds. I know people love Tony Stark the most. But for me, it's Captain America.
Emiliano Chumacero
Why old Cap looks like Clint Eastwood?
So glad Cap got his happy ending. He deserved it.
0:31 - Silvestri brings his Cap theme back. <3
D.V.H Za
So sad let go Cap and Tony, they gave us a lot of good moments, civil war, age of ultron, avengers, etc...:'(
Luciano Barbonetti
- Don't do anything stupid till I get back.
- How can I? You are taking al the stupid with you..
- .....
- I'm gonna miss You Buddy.
Ocean Man
Is this from when Cap goes back to put all the infinity stones in their place in the timeline?
Chiu Koon Hang
I wonder how Cap returned the soul stone.
What happen if he saw Red Skull.
Red Skull be like, "I watch over this stone. Give it to me."
What would Cap do...
Danny Ortiz
i cried in this part of the movie
"I'll keep this for me"
David Romero Ventura
A totally beautiful ending
Naveen Chandra
I loved the ending of cap dancing with peggy but it would be more awesome if peggy was waiting at the stork club with a glimmer of hope and then the cap finally walks in
1:41 Where is he?
samuel Nascimento
big heros just die when we forget them
Naveen Chandra
What i love about endgame is even though the civil war is over scott is still bitchy to tony but when he speaks with steve he shows respect
مرتضى المظفر
Old cap iam sad cryyyyyyy
Nahuel Viera
1:10 it gave me chills
Jacob Klassen
What if cap asked the ancient one to reverse time on the stones to bring the tesseract back and the sceptor
Captain MacMellon
If Cap didn’t bargain for Natasha’s life when returning the soul stone I’m burning down Marvel Studios
5 seconds more like a minute and 52 seconds