Alan Silvestri - Go Ahead (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only)

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Music video by Alan Silvestri performing Go Ahead (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only). © 2019 Marvel Music, Inc.

Alan Silvestri - Go Ahead (From "Avengers: Endgame"/Audio Only) Смотреть онлайн
James' YouNiverse
Goodbye to my favorite Avenger, Steve Rogers...
Matthew Jess
The MCU will never be the same. It is truly an end of an era. Cap knows his time is up, and that his journey has reached its end. Tony sacrificed himself for the sake of the universe, echoing the words of Yinsen in Iron man 1, " Don't waste your life". Although the MCU will move on to new horizons, it is sad to see these journeys conclude; "part of the journey is the end"
"How's it feel?"
"Like it's someone else's."
"It isn't."
Un canal Cualquiera
"A symbol to the nation, a hero to the world"
Charles Smith
"I put the stones back, I thought maybe I'll try some of that life Tony was telling me to get."
"How'd that work out for you?"

"It was Beautiful."
"Dude, Captain America needs my help. There's no better reason to get back in."

It's safe to say he earned that shield.
The man out of time... finally found his way back home.
I love how this film used many motifs from The First Avenger. I’ve been waiting for them to use it again. The definitive Captain America theme.
I Can't Imagine A World Without Captain America
Sam Pyjam
Steve Rodgers...

That little Guy from Brooklynn too Bold to run from a fight....

Forever in our heart Captain
I Have Anxiety
“You wanna tell me about her?”

“No, I don’t think I will...”

1:50 I was crying my eyes out.
Trooper Trooper
I'll do my best- Sam Wilson
Mike the bike
He Finally got that Dance...
The O-Man
I love it when Marvel keeps thematic continuity. Particularly "Earth to Asgard" at the end of Ragnarok and then "This is My Choice" at the end of Endgame. Ugh, I can't get over this film's beautiful ending
Pointless Content
Someone: How many times are you gonna listen to this song?
Me: I can do this all day.
Ujal Azizzadeh
I consider the appearance of the old Cap sitting on a bench, and not in the portal - purely director's vision. This is a fiction, movie in which, I believe, enough realism. And if they asked me how I want to see the appearance of the old Cap: in the portal, or right on the bench - I would not hesitate to choose the second option. Because it was important to show the completion of the line of Steve with dignity and beauty.

In addition, it was no less pleasant to see Roger passing the shield to Sam. As you remember in the Civil War, Bucky said that he wanted to end with all of this and live peacefully after all the horror he had committed. Well, do not forget that he, too, is already 100+ years old. Sam is no less worthy to wear Cap's shield: firstly, his age, secondly, he never failed Cap and was as loyal to him as Bucky. In addition, Sam is not a super soldier, but an ordinary former soldier who fights for a right thing and who also lost a partner.

"I had a date" (c)
From that moment, I repeatedly scrolled in my head the scene of their reunion. Honestly, I could never believe that they would complete the story of the Captain like that. I always felt that the story of Captain is important for Russo brothrs, because they started from him. Thank you for making my dream come true. Their love was so fleeting and they couldn’t feel it enough. Thank you for giving them this opportunity. And thank you for letting us see and share their happiness. On behalf of all comic book fans, Marvel and Captain America - thank you!

...thank you Cap for everything :')
1:50-2:06 I’ve never felt these amazing feelings omg I’m so sad
MyName is Jeff
Hearing “This is my Choice” from CA: The First Avenger again was amazing
Enjoy your life before it gets over, its not everytime we get a chance to relieve the past moments, live the moment before it becomes a memory.

- Old man