Queen + Adam Lambert - Global Citizen: PROBLUE Fund

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The ocean needs our help! Join us & Global Citizen in calling on world leaders to take a stand for our oceans & #beatplasticpollution! Download the app & take action to earn tickets to see us play live at the #GlobalCitizen Festival on Sept. 28th in NYC! globalcitizen.org/oceans

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Explosive Commando
The voice of Brian and Roger never changed for me..
Yeah! We’re gonna save the world from plastic!
•Rogerina is cuter than me•
I didn't know i wanted Queen sponsoring in my life...
Can Queen just be supreme chairpeople of the world? They care more about the planet and the people living here than most politicians. We stan these environmentally compassionate kings
Dagmar Valter Christiansen
brian should do an asmr. and thats a fact
Let’s do it, folks! They are so right. I’ve seen it personally in so many countries. More and more, the have nots are being poisoned by industrialists who don’t hesitate to dump chemicals and waste into drinking water or salt water ecosystems where they are dependent on sea harvests for food and livelihood. It’s horrible to see and the US government (this admin, especially) often supports it.
Carina Mihaita
each Queen notification makes me so happy.
Bronwyn Deacon
I've never had the pleasure of seeing such pleasant human beings as Queen. They truly care
I Love Queen! Who Agree With Me?
Sunny Stars
I love you guys! I joined the draw and I hope I win! You guys saved my life and would mean everything to me!!
I love that they care so much about the nature and our planet earth for the future generations ❤
Forget all those 'stars' who only want money and don't care about anything
Queen is all we neef
Fired 6
These man are wonderful😍
Bronwyn Deacon
Not only are they amazingly talented, but they are such genuinely amazing human beings. They are beautiful on the outside and inside and that is what we as human being should strive to be like. I'm proud to be a Queenie
Lori Reece
Just when I thought you guys couldn’t get any cooler, you do this! Way ta go, Brian, Roger, and Adam!
Rogers Pink Converse
This is the most important video on the internet okay bye
Sassy Su
Good for them, very proud. Always standing up for a good cause. 👍🏻👍🏻Bless you all
The Dude
If these gentlemen are not some of the sweetest ones then I don’t know
Paul Legris
For me Queen is the best music group ever
Brian H
We need another AID event but for saving our planet.
Nique Mercury
All you need is air, food, water and Queen.