Tundo - Revelstoke [IHU Unlimited V.01]

Armada Music
IHU Unlimited V.01 is out now!

The brainchild of super-producer Antillas, Armada sub-label IHU Records gets a chance to show its true colors with the impressive new compilation album 'Unlimited'. Featuring originals from Antillas and long-time studio partner Dankann as well as tunes from exciting new IHU artists like Mark Noir and Michael Wulff, 'Unlimited' perfectly exemplifies the infamous IHU sound.

With a whopping 10 exclusive tracks, this record far exceeds the boundaries of a normal compilation. From the scorching opener of 'Black Rain', to the devastating big-room 'Panomera' from Michael Wulff, to two smashing tunes from Kenyan producer Rikkaz, 'Unlimited' covers a lot of territory. 5 of these releases first saw light on the IHU label itself, demonstrating the power of the imprint to deliver big tunes capable of reaching the global stage.

Make no mistake, this is no light-hearted, easy-listening album to tune out — these are intense tunes big enough to kick any party into fever pitch. Covering the spectrum of trance, progressive house, and even a little bit of electro when the mood calls for it, 'Unlimited' plays like an extraordinary night out.

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Сергій Микитенко
Ахуенчик !!_!!
Stas Nilsen
Not bad
lewis Rowden
Brandon B
Nice work Tundro

i like unknown artists with fresh and cool music
Polo Flixer
Edgar Nava
Buenos vídeos me gustan