Swae Lee - Sextasy (Official Video)

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Music video by Swae Lee performing Sextasy. © 2019 Eardruma Records/Interscope Records

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Hosea King
Who been a fan of Swae since No Flex Zone?
Tomorrow gone be lit asf!!
_Peculiar _Child.
This is my third time watching this video before the premiere....
Drsirklo Yeah
Oh, oh oh oh
You won't need me luckily
Oh girl
(Mike WiLL Made It)

You're not taking tonight luckily
Let me save you like a refugee
Let me give you sextasy
Don't let me be a memory
I've got the drink and a remedy
I know you be so intimate with me

Intimate with me couldn't wait
I know you're ready for my embrace
I think you're ready for love to break
And you can't please everyone
You're coming out in the dark
But what is it you wish to find?
Just let me ease your mind
They criticized us, just ease your mind
Is it mine? We'll find out in due time
I've been searching near and far
I don't care where my old one ends up
I know you're ready for what's to come
I get enough for both of us
Oh and I hope you stay relevant
Blessed like a person so heaven less
Oh, gave you nights that I can't take back
Oh, and I won't regret and I won't forget
And I won't for and I can't forget
I was creeping with the restless
You can't pay for the vibe you get
Say that you won't work against me
Time to leave you with the rest of them
Lipstick matching, magenta
I had a simple agenda
And we connect immediately
And I need more time to give you everything
I need your love for me to be
To rescue me from myself when I feel my heart
Take my soul then lose my number
In a dream, we'll never be apart
I was dark when I lost my star
But if you cry with somebody, be concerned
Come with me, I can't do you no harm
Fuck with me, be with me in the home
Have you smiled, bless you all the way home
Did my man really say "let me save you like a refugee" ... wtf lol
Colin Clean
King of melodies and it's not even a question.
The sexiest song of 2019 ❤🔥
kitty queen
I love his voice he sings like an angel and is pretty Dam hot 😜💯🎤🎤🎧
My homie back with another banger can't wait to react to this fam🤩
Jojo Fresco
This is the amount of people that love swae Lee 👇👇
Alexandria Tiffany
Swae out with another banger, been supportin since no flex. Swae aint like these other lames just goin viral by usin Authentic Views Com to get their views up and go viral SMH
Kevin Christian
Hello swae lee being with you feel like sextasy
Alessandro D
1:33 how he looks to the camera.
Micah Givens
Damn this song grows on you and gets better every time I swear
Osman Yiğit Ekim
omg she just pull out a joint from her boots.. i’ve always dream that
Regina Hart
You're an amazing artist, I love you 💕💕💕💕
Fatima Oulili
Real fans here before it even drops
Krisztina Gáspár
Ultra cool🔝
🔥Seductive & attractive music.❤
I love it 😘
Swae Lee- Did u miss me?
Fans- Absolutely yes and soon your song gonna lit 🔥 and we are ready to say that we all love you 💫
pureohana 100
Whoever is reading this you will be rich and successful in life
and God bless
amen 🙏