Black Pumas - Eleanor Rigby (Official Live Session)

Eliana Settecase
So fucking great! I really love you, greetings from Argentina <3
Angel G
This is the way you should cover a song. Absolutely stunning <3
Francesco Gallucci
You are not a simple band music, you are the future! Io amo i Black Pumas! ❤️🖤
Night Nurse
Sweet! One of the best versions I've ever heard of this song. 💜
Rodolfo Gramaccini
Dimitrina Kirilova
What a power! This guys can save the real music!!!
sigifredo uribe
Stop hurtin me like you do. I'm floored, carry me!! This version made me dizzy
Wow sublime , powerful & magical . What a session this must of been ?
Ionut Denes
Youtube s algorithm brought us here all together.

Great music!
You were born to sing. Great band.
Arthur Moreira
How about a tour in South America?
Brazil is waiting for you!
Uriel Castillo Barbosa
They are incredible! Greetings from México 🇲🇽!
Stay always original.
(There is a lot of commercial 'artists' )

Ok here am I again, this band is just 2019's highlight, so awesome
Roxanna Sánchez de Tatis
This generation truly needed this kind of music. I'm enamoured. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.
Marco Sokolov
Nice cover !!

Could be good to see you singing with Scary Pockets !!
Robyn C. Williams
We live.
We leave.

We laugh.
We grieve.

We give.
We take.

Before Long-
We begin to break.

I call out:
"My soul Remake!"

I pray.
You listen.

I protest.
Then hasten.

I Am.
That's enough.
My soul:
Resilient and tough.

My experience:
-My duty.

My message:
-See Beauty.

Love, light and blessings to each & every one of you. May the beauty of this music transcend the lonely space into a hopeful place. @passion_project_you
Julie Karanja
I don’t know which rock he came out from but I never want him to back there...I’m hooked!💃🏾
Dario Hall
Fresh take on a classic! So happy they are from my home town.
Nhat Nguyen
That's the kind of bass playing I'd always love to listen to