Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels)

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Video Director: Hannah Lux Davis

Video Producer: Brandon Bonfiglio

for London Alley

#CharliesAngels #DontCallMeAngel

© 2019 Republic Records, a division of UMG Recordings, Inc.

Ariana Grande, Miley Cyrus, Lana Del Rey - Don’t Call Me Angel (Charlie’s Angels) Смотреть онлайн
Ingunn Bråthe
I wish that Lana and Miley could have sung more. Their voices are
so unique:)
Why Lana’s part feels like a whole different song
This song represents what Charlie’s angels is soooo well. Three different characters part of the same group. Three different singing styles all in one song. That all together rocks it. What a banger!
Jiren 3890
Wish Lana Del Rey had more part. But, she slayed like a queen.
Lana’s part is the only one that slapped. No hate, honest opinion. The rest sounded like copyright free music with some teeny-bopper lyrics.
Shivangi Bind
70% of Comments : Lana needs a bigger part
20% of Comments : Why is Ariana the lead?
10% of Comments: Dosnt like the song
Captain Lizzie
I was expecting more. Like destinys child "indepedent woman", you know epic. These are good singers, it could have been better
Veronica Grahamhayford
Can we at least talk about Miley's part?
MSKD Sounds
I hope you're having a great day, if you want to give me a chance I upload music everyday, if not you're awesome anyways ❤
rob jansen
Why is most of the comments about the line distribution?? I mean yes Miley and Lana's part were the shortest, but i mean it is literally Ari's song.... so what im saying if for her to give them 2 some lines in the song is already realy kind of her. Why do people don't understand this by being so ungreatful and being all like meh. Also its just my opinion that lana doesn't fit in this song with her verse but it could be nice in a diffrent song i guess? but i don't realy mind actually. so please can we just appreciate the song. ty
Siddhant Kamble
Ariana’s producing it and its her song. Please stop all that hate. They sound great. Especially Lana sounds heavenly. THE HOLY TRINITY
Ariana’s part : my only reason to list this song🤷‍♂️
Ayşenur Ünal
I am waiting for Miley and Lana colab. Their voices can make a good contrast 😭💖
Hot Stuff
Please, stop the hate towards Miley, Ariana and Lana. The song is great and deserves #1 on BB100.
The Masked DesiArmy
Lana's part was amazing. Miley was powerful. Ariana did great. Overall a good song
Fadora Jean
Lana’s part 😍 Everything else just sounds regular! 🗿
A girl
Jay S
Miley & Lana need to do a song together . Just them ...
Emma Evers
I love how miley and lana are so badass in this but ari is kinda ruining with the whole typical girly vibes
Cloud Clover
Not going to lie. I only came here for Lana Del Ray.