Stitched Up Heart - Warrior (Lyric Video)

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Stitched Up Heart - Warrior (Lyric Video) Смотреть онлайн
alex colt
fucking epic stitched up heart love that ur trying new sounds mixi ur voice just keeps getting better
DarkShadow _
Im so ready for this album
Awesome. Can't wait for the album.
Kaylene Sheetz
Their new album is going to be amazing 😍
Powerful, amazing, I’m totally in love
Aurore Destandau
J'adore !!!! 🤟
Josh Dean
So epic!!
Oliver Moheda
Great song !!
David Wagner
It's always a good sign when I like a song on first listen, instead of having to give it multiple listens and having it grow on me.

Already, with the songs released, this is going to be a GREAT album!

P.S. Don't shoot me, but at one point during the song -- just when she sings the "I'm a warrior" line at 0:41 -- am I crazy to think that Mixi sounds a bit like Katy Perry? Perhaps a better question is: Does anyone that listens to Stitched Up Heart know who Katy Perry even is? Lol
Poky Patriot
Very nice! Can't wait to hear it live in SLC! 🤘❤🤘
giulia sant'anna
amazing, you know how to do that 🖤🤘🏻
Quentin Fleisher
That was Awesome! 🤘
Plz release the album already :(
Only One Storm
Such an awesome band💜🤘😎🤘
Troy Cronin
Allen Walker
Daniel Silva
Goku Pool
A Google User
We want less bubble gum pop more screamo and metal
Ilona D
Love it!