Au/Ra - Stay Happy (Lyric Video)

xx Au/Ra

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Me and all my friends are sad

Don’t know how we got like that

Diamonds rolling down our cheeks

It’s the new reality

I got fake plants in my yard

(in my yard)

You would never think they are

(But they are)

Live life in a green screen

caught up in insecurities

we hate to think about the good times

That we missed out on while staying in

I’m so tired of all the overthinking

Tired of the self doubt, I’m wondering

Is there a short cut to stay happy?

Is there a way for someone like me

Cus I’m running out of life hacks, life hacks

I just wanna have my glow back

Is there a short cut to stay happy?

Any tutorial that I could see

Cus I’m running out of life hacks, life hacks

I just wanna have my life back

My mirror says I don’t know you

(I don’t know you)

I say I don’t know me too

(Don’t know me too)

Smiling though my teeth are clenched

Making new fair weather friends

Yeah sometimes I don’t know what to do

So I was just wondering if you knew

#Aura #StayHappy #AuRaNewMusic

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ayatos pancake
Love it she deserves more fame and fans she's so talented
Hailey Nesbit
omfg this is so pretty and relatable. she does not have a single bad song i swear to god
LizDaWiz AndPoop
I had a heart attack and broke my thumb because of this video
omggg the background music sounds like music from an indie pixel game
widow maker
I need au/ra's fandom to grow like it did for Billie Eilish because au/ra is amazingly talanted💕
panda astrid
Im seconds in this song and i already love it
wierdicorn yote
already liked it and gavent even seen it yet i LOVE your music you are way too underated
TT Love
Yas, another amazing song, I love you🥰💖
James Official
Was just roasting someone in a Gc but i stopped to listen to this Masterpiece 💜💜
Wolfi fan
Halsey's new album, new billie video, AND a new Au/Ra song??? Jeez my birthday's tomorrow
best birthday every 😍😍😂
I Am In Extreme Pain
She should make a song about expectations from people, I feel like she’d do really good with that
Hrisi Gocheva
i was watching asmr.. guess im not going to sleep until i learn the song 😪❤️
music stan
when is the album coming out? weve been waiting since 2017 :(
Gacha Rex
You released this just in time for my friend to rethink suicide :)
so thank you
Is there though... is there really any shortcut to stay happy?
it's finally here I LOVE your voice
also, the beat rocks
Olivia Schutz
all of your new songs are so amazing i can't wait for the album
I love you! <3 and this song ! :D
Thank you for making so many amazing songs for us to listen to<3<3
It's really hard not to cry when reading the lyrics. I feel like this song is about trying to stay happy even when life gets hard and busy. It's so relatable. IDK, I might be pointing out the obvious.
Stray Kidz Whoo!
I'm gonna gather all my friends, get high and chill to this with em