Caitlyn Smith - Put Me Back Together (Audio)

Cassie Alford
So happy you’re back—! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Chris Stothard
Yes Caitlyn !! Loving this , f bombs and all 😄 Please come over to the UK. You would kill it at C2C next March. Looking forward to seeing you play live 🙌🙌
TheGuyWhoLikesThings Yeet
AHHHHHHH YES can't wait for s/t
Mirosław Nikitiuk
Donovan Robinson
Never thought I’d hear “F-Bombs” in your songs!😱 Just guarantees no radio-play. 😢 Hopefully, there’s a “clean” version and this is your only exception. Still looking forward to the rest...