Ani DiFranco - Not A Pretty Girl


i am not a pretty girl

that is not what i do

i ain't no damsel in distress

and i don't need to be rescued

so put me down punk

maybe you'd prefer a maiden fair

isn't there a kitten stuck up a tree somewhere

i am not an angry girl

but it seems like i've got everyone fooled

every time i say something they find hard to hear

they chalk it up to my anger

and never to their own fear

and imagine you're a girl

just trying to finally come clean

knowing full well they'd prefer you

were dirty and smiling

and i am sorry

i am not a maiden fair

and i am not a kitten stuck up a tree somewhere

and generally my generation

wouldn't be caught dead working for the man

and generally i agree with them

trouble is you gotta have yourself an alternate plan

and i have earned my disillusionment

i have been working all of my life

and i am a patriot

i have been fighting the good fight

and what if there are no damsels in distress

what if i knew that and i called your bluff?

don't you think every kitten figures out how to get down

whether or not you ever show up

i am not a pretty girl

i don't want to be a pretty girl

no i want to be more than a pretty girl

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LRhiannon Vaughan
thank God she still makes music! have loved her for 25 years!!!
Cashe Smith
Absolutely love her, she doesn't hold shit back!! She has such a way with words, it feels like she's seeing straight through my soul! No question about it she was made from a different mold! Ani Defranco is the definition of sensual, and So damn sexy, what I wouldn't give to buy her a drink and dissect her brain!
The best are always under rated 📩
Just discovered her music 25 years later, although I was around back then. Amazing!! 🙌. Is she still writing music?
Can't say how much I've needed Ani over the years... Thank u Ani
Bbbandit 2000
I am a 47 yr old English Woman. I set off to SF WITH A FRIND and we totally travelled the World... and i mean the WORLD....this was our soundtrack people!! Then and now😘🌎👌🏽🇬🇧🇺🇸XXXX
Madam Shadow
This song helped me alot when I was first coming out as a woman
Listened to Ani NONSTOP from 15-25, saw her live 7 times!!!!
Oasis of Isis
This is possibly the most beautiful song ever made! Just had to post that as a longtime fan.
Read a review on speakers and the reviewer mentioned this song.

Keeping it raw and real, song edgy but underscored with sadness. This is anthemic Love it
Callie Smole
One of the best songs of all time. So sad and real.
Howard Tranine
I was fortunate to see her in SC and was front row. There are no words to describe her.I have been a fan for over 16 yrs
Helena Jackson
Great music!!! Thanks so sharing!
Jane Doe
This album is so important to me, even all these years later.
this channel is literally dead
my name is Ani :3
Elting Char
keep on, keeping on!! love her music always....
Bbbandit 2000
Oh and also, I forgot to mention that a lovely adorable woman from Santa Cruz came with us€€!!! She opened my eyes and my heart!! CALIFORNIA... MY FAVOURITE PLACE ON THE PLANET!!!! 😘🌎💖
Anidi Huet
Amber Garcia
love her music