Dada - Dizz Knee Land

Music video by Dada performing Dizz Knee Land.

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I really miss the 1990s.
i have been looking for this song for YEARS
DISOBEY NWOrder 。。。▲
The title of the song spelling was changed by the group so as not to interfere with copyright laws, however "Disneyland" is also the nickname for the Orange County Jail.
Eti Winata
I've just found out it's dizz knee land not disneyland. Yeah, pretty funny.
I liked this song so much I bought the band's album (on cassette) even though I thought they looked like a bunch of idiots. Fast forward 20 years and they look like Rhodes scholars compared to what is making music nowadays.
This should have been on Beavis and Butthead..
Jacob Lawerence Grabow
This Song is Freakin Hilarious !!! I wish they would play it more on the radio
Scott Cook
lame joke in my Russian class was to call this band "nyet nyet" :)
(da da means "yes yes", nyetnyet means "no no")
Ahh, the memories of my druggie years.
Christian Robinder
I grew up in the 80's but matured in the 90's.  I gotta say the music from the 90's was pretty fucking cool. 
Dr. Cheeki Breeki
When you go to Disney Land
I can't believe this doesnt have more views..
Joseph Stalin
If you flip off American president you go to Disneyland. If you flip off me you go to Gulag.
I actually saw them perform years ago in my hometown of Port Arthur, TX, for our town's Mardi Gras fest.  Great show, great ppl, and they even signed their poster for me.  :)
Derek Scanlon
So many songs from the 90's were goofy and tongue-in-cheek, while also having a deeper and politically-fueled underlying message . You just don't that these days in mainstream music.
Craig Turk
I just flipped off president George. I'm goin' to Disney land.
Matthew Torres
Dizz Knee. Dat Knee.
Ten Draftsdeep
I saw these guys open for Sting in 1993. Amazing.
Kurt Anderson
Maybe the best song of 1993!
bill caldwell
I miss this music. Good times.