Michael Penn - No Myth

Music video by Michael Penn performing No Myth. (C) 1989 Sony Music Entertainment

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This song was really ahead of it's time. A perfect 90s alternative song in 1989. I can't believe this guy wasn't more popular in the 90s.
Frank Burgoyne
I was a Gap store manager at the time this song came out. It played on the store's in house music tape. Heard it a million times and I still like it.
Stephanie G
I forgot how much I love this song! such a great one!!
X Gen
1989 eh. Oh man.. I've had this damn song playing in my head on and off for 26 fricken years! But only a short part of the melody with a few fragmented lyrics so I couldn't identify it. Every time I would try to track it down on the net, I always ended up with dead ends or Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straights.. which is a good song too but completely different. But now I've tracked the bugger down! HAZAAH!! Don'tcha hate it when you can't quite remember a song or the artist, and it wont leave you alone. You have just enough data to be aware that it's something you like, but not enough data to track it easily. Thank God for the internet ..or Sir Tim Berners-Lee (yes I had to look that up). Great song, vocals and guitar are awesome.. Whatever happened to this guy?
gary stuart
What a great song, one of the last great songs from the 1980's.
Laura Bennett
Sean got the Acting Chops. Chris got the Comic Foil Gene and Michael got the Musical Talent.  What did their mom eat while pregnant?  We need more pregnant women on THAT diet.
MissKitty KaToo
Totally underrated song. Spoke to me the first time I heard it and every time since
Greg Haggard
A totally underrated artist!
Percy G
Beautiful song! Kinda’ sound like George Harrison and Neil Finn.
Lisa Cunningham
I hear a strong, strong George Harrison influence in this guy! Great drumming toward the end, too.
This is a brilliant song. I can remember playing it over and over when I was in college.
Oppothumbs M
Great song and video. And Michael is more likable, from what i see, than his creepy leftist brother Sean.
I will never get tired of this song.
So, she says it's time she goes
But wanted to be sure I know
She hopes we can be friends
I think, yeah, I guess we can say I
But didn't think to ask her why
She blocked her eyes and drew the curtains
With knots I've got yet to untie...

What if I were Romeo in black jeans
What if I was Heathcliff, it's no myth
Maybe she's just looking for
Someone to dance with

See, it was just too soon to tell
And looking for some parallel
Can be an endless game
We said goodbye before hello
My secrets she will never know
And if I dig a hole to China
I'll catch the first junk to Soho

What if I were Romeo in black jeans
What if I was Heathcliff, it's no myth
Maybe she's just looking for
Someone to dance with

Sometime from now you'll bow to pressure
Some things in life you cannot measure by degrees
I'm between the poles and the equator
Don't send no private investigator to find me please
'less he speaks Chinese
And can dance like Astaire overseas

What if I were Romeo in black jeans
What if I was Heathcliff, it's no myth
Maybe she's just looking for
Someone to dance with
Franz Kafka
Michael Penn is a musical genius. Married to Aimee Mann, his production and guitar chops are all over her best stuff such as Save Me for instance. Anyone know what the name of the keyboard in this song/video is? I believe that it was custom made by the instrumentalist playing it. So typically unfortunate that Penn's work never got the commercial recognition it deserved- can't take rave reviews to the bank.
Shannon Collier
I did not know that Sean and the late Chris Penn had an older brother.  He has a good voice.
Pam Schwetz
love this song...one of my all time faves
Name change
A beautiful man!!
I was young when this came out but music was my life, I was in love with his... everything, lol. So I bought the cassette with my own money. I remember every word of these songs.💞
One of the better albums of the late 80s. Not sure why he didn't have more chart success. This could almost pass for Beatles song, even the bridge is catchy.
Michael Ashton
"Loser" brought me here...