Melvins - Revolve (Music Video)

Official Video, from the album Stoner Witch.

Melvins - Revolve (Music Video) Смотреть онлайн
Oliver Brown
i dont understand why they didn't get massive. they had the name, the songs and the image
Adhesive Boi
My favorite thing about Melvins is the goofy personality.
Window Licker
When I finish my time machine I'm going back to the ninties to relive my teen years
Dexenation Gracey
Steve Shomo
The Melvins are the past, the present and the future of music all at once.
Floyd MacIntire
after listening to this song i am instantly a fan!
My headphones don't go loud enough.
Alan D
The drummer is very good
Does he or does he not look like Jack Black with a Sideshow Bob haircut here? Great song though. Wish I would've discovered these guys earlier.
Jack Jackson
That bassist's hat is the most metal thing I have ever seen in a metal video
Brave Insanity
The Melvins influenced every genre of music you know. Don't believe me? Do some research. While everyone was still doing punk and speed metal, they were pioneering the future. Watch some documentaries or something. I promise you, grunge, metal, death metal, what have you, will attribute their shit to the Melvins.
Citizen Oftheworld
thank shit for you tube.  i know a lot of people/groups get mad at the pirating that goes on in music industry but if it weren't for you tube/pandora i wouldn't ever find out about bands.  i've been a melvins fan since i was a pimply faced skate punk in 1990 but i can see from below there are people just discovering them.  i find out about bands through you tube and throw my money at their merch.  i think bands should embrace modern exposure.
David Sykes
Nirvana.s teachers .... Tru
sam boggs
Just saw them play last night, they still rock.
Lefteris Den
Tool intro
Slayer vocals
Punky nice drums
Idiotic video clip
Augusto Savoldi
Algum brasileiro que também curta??
Porra mano, Kurt Cobain foi aluno desses caras!
Crusher Destroyer
The intro riff is from another planet. Melvins are too pure for this world.
Ninja Sushi
Freedom on locked stems from walk away
You gotta hold your time
You gotta hit him with the right of way
Maybe black too far for any like the one seen
In a way it's sane, either way it's gotta mean

Red sister might be chokin'
But I ain't about that kind
Answer me with the rhythm of a body that was born to lose two times

Hey big bo day
He says deny, but you're fourth in line
Head my shoulder
Big bo deloves, big bo denies

They might try to hide
They have to have some more dead sense
You might be right like a hole in the wind
Poison dandy lifeforce crime
Mix both down cross
sticky pedal the line

The flavor might be missin'
But he acts to cross that anyway
You can bet he can diddle with the promise in the power of another day

Hey big bo day
He says deny, but you're fourth in line
Head my shoulder
Big Bo deloves, big Bo denies

Two of you stole my wallet
One of you stole my tie
Didn't you say that you're watching?

Venomous stole in me
Three of you standing by
Didn't you say that you've got it?
Watch me eye

Stupid fucking auto correct.
I used to be a hard core 80's fan but goddamn the 90's is just incredible
Travis Stevens
The Melvins have been a GREAT INFLUENCE on many of great bands and to life! Buzz you the man NEVER STOP! Do your homework people.