Fountains Of Wayne - Radiation Vibe (Official Video)

The official video of "Radiation Vibe" by Fountains of Wayne from the album 'Fountains of Wayne'.

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Fountains Of Wayne - Radiation Vibe (Official Video) Смотреть онлайн
Elaine Snow
Seriously one of the most unappreciated bands of the last 20 years. Their lyrics often evoke the Kinks (with the crazy stories) and the vocals kind of remind me of the Hollies. Regardless, Schlesinger/Collingwood write some of the best stuff out there. Absolutely phenomenal band.
CMaxwell Cooper
Summer of 1997, 20 years old, driving cross-country from Boston to San Diego with the top down in a 1985 Jeep CJ7, pressing rewind on the tape-deck the whole way.
Joseph Gorbach
this is the song they're suppose to be known for. Not that rediculous Stacys Mom. That song sucks. This song kicks ass. End of story.
vergel lim
nostalgic when hearing this. 90s time machine
This is a great song, but the music video is a hilarious example of how goofy the 90's standards of video editing were.
le tigre
Great song.. such an underrated band. Love these guys!
sneaker dude 317
We used to smoke a joint and jam to this tape
James Bell jr.
Spirits Of Another Day
Very cool Vibe :)))) "Isn't that the way life's suppose to be?"
Back in Middle school when everyone would listen to this
S Danger
Everytime I'm youtube DJ at a party I fit this one in. Usually between teenage dirtbag and something from Spacehog.
This is my fav song by these guys and is one of my most fav songs from childhood. Totally underrated band.
Antonius Britannia
Very overlooked band!  Their first album is stacked with great songs!
I've got Radiohead' The Bends-era vibes here
October 1st, 1996
Jonathan Vernot
Shovin that radiation feedback into the chorus groovy vibe.
Burn Fornever
I loved their first 2 albums so much. This was like my favorite song in 5th grade
This album right here is the perfect companion to Weezer's Blue Album.. they are like brother and sister or brother and brother or sister lol.. you know what I mean 😁
Nic Luciano Sr
IMHO, the songwriting duo of Collingwood and Schlesinger are right 'up there' with The Beatles' Lennon & McCartney ... great songs, subject matter, lyrical brilliance, outstanding melodies, and hooks ... GOD HOW I WISH I WAS IN THIS BAND! ... i used to drive past Fountains of Wayne everyday on my way to work.
I remember this song foe the riff! Not that I love it, but hearing this after 20 years instantly takes me back to that time. Have you noticed it happens specially with lesser-known songs? Because the old "classics" are always being played in the radio and don't have that effect anymore.