Silverchair - Tomorrow (Video/Australian Version)

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It's twelve o'clock, and it's a wonderful day.

I know you hate me, but I'll ask anyway.

Won't you come with me, to a place in a little town.

The only way to get there's to go straight down.

There's no bathroom, and there is no sink.

The water out of the tap is very, hard to drink,

Very hard to drink.

You, wait til tomorrow

You, wait til tomorrow

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Jon Landers
when a 15 year old writes better songs than the entire popular music industry - 2016.
Matthew Williams
Still good in 2019... just saying :)
Rob C
I roadied for this band when they first appeared on the pub scene in Sydney, they couldn't do the gig unless their parents were present coz they were too young to be in a pub. They always brought us a slab of beer for loading in and out their gear. I don't remember any other band I roadied for ever doing that. Great lads and great parents too
Gavin Wandersee
Everyone is saying he's trying to look like cobain... What about he just has blonde hair that's straight?
Knute Lindstrom
To all the newbie kids who say this is crap: These kids were in their early teens when they wrote, played, & recorded this with real instruments & singing without any special effects! Anyone can get a computer & some music apps & make beats, but how many of you can actually play an instrument let alone sing at the same time! I write my own songs too & know how much time & effort goes into it. I don't need auto tune to sing either! This is real music, it has feeling, and although originality hasn't existed for sometime-everyone has their own "flavor"! The real music of today is underground & you have to dig for it unless you like to be spoon fed the over processed auto tune muzak that consists of today's mainstream "artists", with their packaged rebellion on sale now at a hot topic near you! Welcome to suburban mediocrity! Pick up an instrument, learn to play it, find others who are doing the same & start a band. Make your own tshirts & never buy brand new clothes again! Do it all yourself, write your own songs, record your own music, book your own gigs & never compromise your artistic integrity for money! Unless of course you want to be a record company bitch sellout, then go ahead & sign the contract! Leave the real music to real ppl!
Holy shit where did these guys go? I heard this song on 98.9 here in Seattle and it kicked me right in the nostalgia nuts. Reminds me of middle school when we all had long hair like this and everyone was a skater. Good times.
Cris Ane
i am thankful this kid had the chance to play music!
Ah, the '90s. Last great era of original music.
Music was just that bit more in touch with humanity back then. Everything feels so plastic, fake and disconnected now.

Take me back.
Dr Beetus
1k people found the water hard to drink
l.a. young
It's May 31, 2019 and still jamming like there's no tomorrow
Cheerio Totoro
This was the grunge era. It's not surprising if he looks like Cobain.
Luis Gerardo Nuñez
Kurt cobain smells like teen spirit /Eddie vedder/ jeremy = Silverchair / Tomorrow
Craig Paiva
So important to remember that these guys were children when they made this. Their parents had to sign for every show they did and every contract they signed. It's incredible! There's a ton of talent in SilverChair.
Happy 40th Birthday Daniel Johns <3
Jess Web
I am 35 and have loved this band since I was 16 years old and I still want to see them live. It is on my bucket list.
This video was release more than 22 years ago, but all the band members still in theirs 30s!
rj larson
They dont make kids like these any more.
cammie k. sandi
the obsession of my preteen and youngest teen years
Cindy D
Please come back Silverchair