Juliana Hatfield Three - My Sister

From the Juliana Hatfield Three album Become What You Are.

Juliana Hatfield Three - My Sister Смотреть онлайн
feel like im watching 120 mins in 1994
I still listen to Juliana all the time. Underrated singer/songwriter.
Groovacious Vibes
For my sister 1956 - 1994. The best sister ever!!
gaston dutra
this place is like a dream of agent cooper of twin peaks
Broke College Life
came here because I typed in I hate my sister in Google don't even know who this is
I went to High School with her. Her younger brother Jason and I were the same age. Duxbury MA. I remember freaking out first time I saw the video and when she was on the cover of Rolling Stone. Dean went to DHS at the same time. His younger brother was also my age. Dean was a nice guy.
Epic song!!! Darn I miss the 90's!
Simba Consuela
This song reminds me of a time when artists used to sing about things that go on in their everyday life.
Mar78 Andres
MTV Summer 1994
When it actually played videos
Lindsay White
When anyone says "my sister" I think of this song
Holy crap. I haven't heard this since the 90's. Man do I feel old.
Jason W.
Anyone else come here after reading Kurt's letter to Juliana Hatfield? Great tune, thanks for turning me onto more good music Mr. Cobain.
I almost forgot this song! Watching episode 15 season one of My So Called Life made me remember how cool she is!
Because the '90s
Video quality: 72p
DanielRice 4CA48
fucking 90s man.
karen Cruz
Memories of my early 20's.
Nancy G:son
Wow, love this song, it takes me back to my carefree 90's. Thanks Jule.
Jennifer Reynolds
I hated my sister when this song came out. I was so happy I had an anthem that summer. Now, I miss her
Christian G
Reminds me of JJJ radio station (Aus)...... The 90s were awesome....