Fooled Around and Fell in Love

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Diana Flynn
i love seeing all these kickass ladies slaying the music industry together!! YES GIRLS!!
Lindsay Olinde
Wow. These truly are the bad ass women of country! See you all at the roadside bars! Can’t wait to see all those pink guitars!
Sally Black
If Elle and Miranda have met, I’m in heaven.
Chris Summer
Wow nice collaboration! I love the new songs Miranda and girls.
Well, that's a nice surprise.
Bryan Gonzalez
By golly, what women can do. I am in love with this. #TomatoLover
Sean McClellan
Buckle up folks...... music is about to get awhile lot better for about a decade or so 🔥🏆
The Life Of Nikki Marie
Absolutely iconic and epic. Love, love, love this cover!! Amazing job ladies
dara wilson
Such a fun song with some incredible strong beautiful woman!!
Monica Villazana
Fabulous cover!!! I loved the vocals on this iconic song
Brittany Rouse
Yes ladies!! Yall killed that with the harmonies. It's like the eagles became women, and whew boy am I diggin it! Keep um coming!
Sittin & Bitchin
One of my favorite songs of all time covered by the best of the best! EPIC LADIES....COMPLETELY EPIC!!!!
Roberto Retana
Not a fan of Remakes, but Miranda nailed this song. 🔥🔥Great Job
Damn!! That was better than sex! I need a shot and a smoke now. You ladies Rock!
Karen Wishart
Amazing beautiful and talented women 🤟💄🤫🥰
Katrina 1
One of the greatest songs ever. Happy to c them covee❤️
DWb Tavares
This is literally ART compared to the trash that the trio of Ariana, Miley and Lana just released at the same time.
patricia howard
Girl power led by the one & only! Great job. Can’t wait to see y’all!
Kellis Mom
Awesome job on that remake girls.
Diana Dobson
Fantastic! Thank you MIRANDA. ❤❤❤❤❤❤😊