Eddie Money - Take a Little Bit

Music video by Eddie Money performing Take A Little Bit. (C) 1982 Sony Music Entertainment

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Sal Manuel
Eddie Money made all our lives a little richer, RIP.
RIP Eddie, thanks for the decades of music and memories. First time listening to the song, there's a lot of little gems that others aren't aware of.
Mia Lang
thank You for the years ,Love You Eddie , Rest In Peace . God Bless ❤❤❤ ❤
Zoe Chapin
Love ❤️ you Eddie. RIP 💋
Tom Morgo
RIP Money Man. You rocked us great for a long time and made many people happy. Thanks for the memories. You were a talented and decent man. May your ticket have let you into paradise immediately. God Bless EM 9/13/19
Rest well, Eddie, and thanks.
Your love and happiness shines through your music, you are very deep & spiritual Eddie , keep up the fight!
Joe Butler
I read a story from a guy responding to the belittling of EM in Maxim magazine and he said he was at Spring Break and Eddie played a show in this tent and they told someone associated with the show that they had a good time but that EM didn't play "their song". Before they could leave he had everyone in the band back on stage and played the song for this couple, their own private show. If that doesn't break your heart a little, you don't have one. Rock on Eddie.
Петро банджо
Sofia Rotaru Golden Heart
Forgotten Eddie Money hit that you'll never hear on the radio. Thanks for posting.
E Chase
Thank you Eddie for your beautiful music, R.I.P., a lifelong fan
Carrie Shallow
I'm praying for you to feel better! I've always loved your music. My friend and I met you around 1988 in Portland Maine I knew Chris Solberg and Rob get well!
Loved Eddie Money since I was a kid in the early 90s, he's got so many underplayed gems like this one I wish more people knew about.
Mikey_Suze Four
RIP Eddie - You were The Man back then in those early 80's.
Ursza Lucullus
This is why I love the internet - I came to look up a song I heard somewhere on TV, and after skipping from one "Related video" to another I am here, finding a great song I probably would have never found other way - the CD stores I used to go to listen to different CD's are long gone, as are the people sharing their music-collections with me. Thank you for uploading.
Steve Farris @ 1:58!!!!! Awesome!!!!!!
The rock energy on this is amazing, and one of his best songs. I wonder why it wasn't more popular
Love 80s
RIP Sir I cut my teeth on your music forever a fan. So many songs could have been so much more I’m
So glad I was able to find your cassettes when I was young May God rest your soul and make um all
Sing in Heaven. I’m going to a local graveyard and listening to that amazing song. “ passing by a Graveyard “.
* Eddie Money * has the most emotional and powerful lyrics and music in his songs, he truly is so excellent!