Becky G - Secrets (Official Video)

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Anitta A
Me encantó este clip, esta voz, este look, me encantó todo. todo perfecto 😍
Erica Isabel
When most artist try something different, Im not interested or a fan. BUT Becky G has never disappointed in any way and continues to hype up my playlist.
bts army알라
Becky from The Block collabed with the girl from THE RING (movie)
My heart melted that's old Becky g vibes
Farbod m2
It's American horror story s1 house

Like if u noticed
Becky G
We’re trending Beasters!!!! 🙏🏽🥰 Let’s keep it going!! 🖤
Becky G México
Becky G como siempre brindando contenido de calidad. Este es uno de sus mejores videos, la trama, los efectos, las líricas, vestuario, etc. You did it, B! <3
Yoon Fluff
Hotel Transylvania 2019 version? if you know what i mean✨
Isabel :v
Pinshe gente primero hace su música y no muchos la apoyan pero cuando hace regaeton todos la ven y escriben que extrañaban su música como antes y ahora que es así nadie la apoya, quien los entiende 😒😒😒😒😒😒
Only true fans of Becky G can like this 🥰
⬇️ I wish I had true fans 🙁😐😢
Naranjo Music
Like si querés ver a Becky g ft Selena Gomez
Jacqueline Espinosa
Quiero una colaboración entre Becky G ft Sofía Reyes porfa aaaa
Gracie Chavez
This took me back to the past when Becky had bangs 😭 imma monster imma m-monster 😢
Alguien pensó q era la colaboración de J-HOPE y Becky G??? Xd «army precente»
Catherine Rodriguez
The lady bugs are there to protect you Becky G good fortune and luck 😊
Hey there. I have some music out and you might like it, just saying ❤️❤️❤️
If this blue you love Becky G
👇 ( I'm gifting my next 100 subscribers)
Jose Poot
Hagan que Llegue a un Millón De Likes 💪 si se puede porfa hagan que Becky G se sienta muy bien al ver que sus fans la quieren mucho ♥️porfa
Can't believe this chick went to high school with me. No idea who she was haha
Lexi Rose
I thought u weren't famouse no more cuz I wasn't hearing u music good to hear you agian luv u Becky 💜💜
Lady M
Thank you for not singing Regetton ... I love this song