VÉRITÉ - good for it (Official Video)

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Eclairè farron
shitt she keeps making good song every time, stop her i cant handle this greatness
lock heart
I love the simplicity of the video because of the atmosphere the song creates for the music video. It has a very chill vibe.
Dig everything about the song. I love the image of the man running, but not getting anywhere. I needed these lyrics today. Thank you, V.
Brasil 💚💙😍👑👑👑👑
Meghan Murphy
Every song you come out with makes me feel so much. Keep it up! I hope you tour in Nashville this time around
Raeesah Iram
the two people who disliked are emotionless robots
Love it! ❤️
One of my new favorites. You're so talented, it's incredible
Joseph Chiran
I'm so proud of her. Your music comes directly to the hearts with a beautiful message.
all my support and love from Colombia baby 💖✨
She's brilliant in every way!
Amela's Channel
Love this!!! 😍
this is so good omfg cant wait for the album!
Tana Greenlee
V girl you are owning everything your growth is so fucking amazing I can't stop listening
Nick Camejo
I really love how this video was made. The simplicity yet such the powerful plot is what makes it so incredibly unique. One of my favorites I've seen! Much love V! xx
This is so chill and smooth, I love every beat.
Luisina Adame
I loved this song, it is very beautiful💕💕💕💕✨✨
anxiety ball
My ears and eyes have been blessed 😍❤️
Troy Wilson
i love her. i love this song. thats it <3