The Howl & The Hum - Human Contact

"Human Contact" (Official Video) by The Howl & The Hum

Director: Ethan Graham

Producer: Mayling Wong

DOP: David Folks

Production Company: Partizan

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"Human Contact" Lyrics:

On Monday night I escaped my cell

A peculiar hell I had built myself

I stumbled out into the high street rush

All I’m craving is a human touch

'cause I’ve been trying to get my head screwed tight

Away from people, away from life

Now I don’t know what kind of world I’m from

But it’s not this one, no, it’s not this one

All I need’s a little

Human contact

I see flesh reacting, I hear skin and bone

I see bodies and bodies and fingers on phones

Digits digitising, singing knuckles on ass

I feel like I look out at the world like through glass

Until one day our eyes meet and combine

Two bodies, two hosts gracelessly intertwine

There’s something so strange about feeling alive

There’s somebody home and they’re deathly deprived of

Human contact

I see a hand reach out

I see an arm reach out

I see a limb reach out

But I know it’s nothing to die for

Give me your hand, reach out

Won’t you give me something to die for?

Something to feel alive

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Nabil Afiq
How is this band not worldwide famous
MAN, I love this song
ellesa ahmad
Dads worldwide is now worried about their favourite band.
(I love this song!!)
Andy Little
Well this is bloody amazing!
Alejandra Villa
I need you guys to become famous, so you can come to South America and it is feasible for me to go see you
Harry Bennett
Such an underrated band!
Judith -
Such a good song! And great video to go with it!
Lizzie Sutcliff
mark winder
banger alert
As ever, truly outstanding
Gaynor Duncan
Love it!❤
SO good
James Fentiger
leslie castro
This video is insane