Kismet - The Roll (PILOT037)

Armada Music
There's no end to the inspirational waves that roll down Andreas Beiderwieden's studio. The German producer still has his remake of 'The Age of Love', which he released under his Andrew Bennett alias, floating around the airwaves. But a little diversity never harmed anyone, and so he feeds his Kismet story with a new chapter. His Kismet adventure, which kicked off in early 2008, has been one about strong releases and has been told in beats of progressive and delicate house. The first Kismet of 2010 reeds with the same easygoing, original speed, but bursts into the year with a crispy fresh sound. 'The Roll' is Kismet, fit for another year of skilled productions and unforgettable dancefloor moments.

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Hueston Guerpo
Verrry niiiice!
nice tune!!
Dj dawn
WhOoP wHoOp !!!
great tune...i like it...!