bLAck pARty - Dancing (Official Video)

bLAck pARty’s New Album ‘Endless Summer’ ft. Dancing, Home (ft. Zoe, Y. Machelle), 4AM in NY (ft. Anajah) and “No Complaints” (ft. DMP Jefe) is Out Now:

Watch the official video for “Home” ft. Zoe, Y. Machelle:

Watch the official video for “4AM in NY ft. Anajah:

Watch the official video for “No Complaints” ft. DMP Jefe:

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bLAck pARty - Dancing (Official Video) Смотреть онлайн
Kush Shah
Didn’t know what to expect but being promoted by Donald Glover, it couldn’t be bad
Jarosław Purchawka
Thank you Donald for sharing this beautiful song
Do I see Saba, D.R.A.M and more having fun at this party? A lot of like-minded people around
The beat is different but it still captures the og rhythm from the first draft of this tune
Lala Yuhla
Remembers me of Pharrel`s video Frontin I love it
this just showed up randomly in my recommendations
becs /
been waiting for this since the demo .. i never thought id see the day
as much as i prefer the older version i still loved it, never stop being you
I've been getting really great Black artists all of a sudden and, I'm loving it😍😍😋❤
Retro Parade
Found this from Gambino and I’m glad I did. I love the beat!
SpottieOttieDopaliscious Angel
I opened this video with the quickness. So ecstatic that my jam finally has a visual. 💃🏾❤️🕺🏿

Sidenote: Homie at the end gets no cool points for joking about what could’ve been between bLAckpARty and his dance/love interests. 😂 He looked so low-spirited like “What if she was the one?!” Welp..... just keep dancing until y’all meet again. 😂
Alaska soulride
I’m loving the vibe of the song it makes me feel like I should b at a kick back in Cali just coolin ❤️
dana hytche
real ones know this song is from waaay back
Young Ang
Donald Glover brought me here and honestly I love tha song Issa vibe.. 😌
Xavier Hughes
I see some ERASED members 👀
RoseGoldRecs UK
Finally 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾 after how many years he releases the visuals.. his best song in my opinion
Ruby Lopes
I love this groovy videos, love the direction! Also, who tf dislike this?
congratulations, now I have my favorite song in the moment

thank you, you're so great!!!

thx youtube for recommend this master piece
Kevin Sperling
Gives me that N.E.R.D. vibe 🤯
Amanze Ihedioha
An actual video?! Also, awesome shirts👌🏾