Joell Ortiz - "Captain" Live Session | Vevo Ctrl

Joell Ortiz - Captain (Ctrl)

Joell Ortiz


Executive Producer: Micah Bickham

Director: Tomas Alvear

Producer: Hailey Rovner

Producer: Maddy Schmidt

Director of Photography: Ryan Hamelin

Editor: Ramy Elsokary

Music & Talent: Annie Shapiro, Jordan Glickson

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Joell Ortiz - "Captain" Live Session | Vevo Ctrl Смотреть онлайн
Mello Music Group
Shout to VEVO CTRL for having Joell on! Shout to Heatmakerz on the beat!! Cop that new album too: Joell Ortiz "Monday"
Once joell, royce, em, and any other REAL hip hop lyricist stops , hip hop will be officially dead.
Love how this truly shows Ortiz in his essence of griping/controlling the mic in the booth and emceeing, like a true emcee on the mic. While delivering his very stellar and scorching hot 🔥 bars.
Andre' Charles
one of the best wordsmiths in the game, you would sound dope over a whatupconz beat.
Joe Peoples
I’m loving this LIVE Session Thing Bro. You Killing It. Great to see you in your Comfy Zone (Da Booth) YAOWA
stephen hawkins
Ortiz up here real spittin like really spittin though.
Ortiz is a beast been a long time fan
Blunt StonerZ
Bunch ah bums with more money !- _
Joelis Present
Seems like the realest never get the recognition they deserve
SideShow pro
I personally wanna hear Camron on this one...come home with me
Why does this only have 25k views? This shit is 🔥 and not mumble like most of today’s music
Young Corrupt
yo this track right here is something special a straight up classic 🔥🔥🔥
Where the BARS live. Yeppin that real NYC hip hop.
His Mic control/presence is incredible
Joell is too nice. Em should feature him on his next album. Mona lisa is a classic in my eyes
Ryan Bernier
Joell Ortiz top 5 don't front
michael moore
Wow wa that was 🔥 the only thing missing is the Yao wa!
Oscar Torralba
Still one of the hottest rappers story telling making you feel like you right there feeling what he saying facts
Batshipile Rabyang
The schemes🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥