Dream Theater - Endless Sacrifice (Live At Budokan)

You're watching Dream Theater perform "Endless Sacrifice" from the album 'Live At Budokan' (2004)

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Dream Theater - Endless Sacrifice (Live At Budokan) Смотреть онлайн
Watch the beginning of the song until 1.00: Portnoy plays the drums with one hand while drinking water...lol! 
Mike Abraham
Gods on stage. 
robin cosby
LaBrie sounds great here. I'm not insane for every choice he makes vocally (particularly the over-breathy uber-vibrato thing), but you can't deny his frickin' versatility. Plus he's a good dude. He's good at staying out of the way and not making the band his ego vehicle. No Lead Singer's Disease.
Mehmet Akif Tütüncü
2:15 You'll never be cooler than him, damn!
Anthony Grandinetti
never seen a crowd clap so on beat
Ibrahim Santana Farandika
mike portnoy??? showman,drummer, leader, and dream theater..
always miss you mike,
Fernando Alcantara
2019?! Someone?
Suk Dufai
Labrie is on fire here
Leonardo C
Budokan Stadium is undoubtedly one of the cathedrals of rock of Asia.
Mustafa Zulkifli
vocal coach,guitar instructor,bass teacher,keyboard god and drum doctor form a band.
Jef Klym
Miss U Mike Portnoy
I hope u come back to DT..
Ryan Gorda
...an absolute master class in musicianship...their best lineup.
Francisco Iñesta
Virtuosity musicians. I like it too much.
Maydriade Bagus
john, you are very good looking with your short hair
Juni 2019!!
Glass Cup88
I remember buying this album at a Target a few days after its release on a rainy day.. the album matched the atmosphere of that day. Definitely a favorite album from DT. (I also have this DVD and the 5.1 sound is amazing)
Anugrah Firsadin
miss mike portnoy
Fito Aebi
Cómo alguien puede ser tan nabo como para darle un no me gusta a esta canción???? Increíble
PMT Slot Hits n' Stuff
Ruddess' beard was such a wee lad here lol